Isaiah's Place, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3, which is the only facility of its kind in the state of Texas. We provide an educational retreat facility focused on enriching the lives of the deaf community, their families and friends. Year around - we schedule retreats and workshops or you and your group schedule and plan your own events. Isaiah's Place is an educational center providing enrichment materials and activities geared to building communication skills, confidence, self-esteem, and developing relationships with an appreciation for the country/ranch lifestyle and its creator.

We welcome non-profits for mission work, service projects, rest and relaxation from their own ministries and responsibilities. When our facilities are not used for the Deaf, we love hosting other non-profit personnel, staff, and groups.

Our Story

Isaiah's Place Founding

Two young children, who are deaf, inspired Diane Frederickson. Diane met these individuals at a National Baptist Conference for the Deaf during the summer of 1996. Randi, Diane's daughter, was an intern at New Life Deaf Fellowship in Ft. Worth, Texas. The Hill family, Sue, Barry, Corinna, and Colin were members of New Life Deaf Fellowship. They joined the National Baptist retreat where Diane first met them. During that week, Diane "fell in love" with Corinna and Colin. It was at the Glorieta Prayer Garden in New Mexico, Diane prayed and felt the "calling" from God to begin a place to serve the deaf communities of Texas.


Enrich Deaf Education-Improve Communication-Cultivate Success

Isaiah’s Place Name

Diane felt compelled to find a name from the bible. As she searched through the book of Isaiah, she read many times the phrase, "upon deaf ears," because no one would pay attention to Jesus. As Diane continued to try and find a name, she came to Isaiah 6:8: "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I, Send me!"" It was this moment, Diane realized the name, ISAIAH'S PLACE, would illuminate her obedience to God. (Written by Dina Klotz, IP Board)

Some Interesting Facts

Deaf born to hearing parents: 95%
Parents who learn enough sign to communicate with children: 10%
Deaf kids who grow up in homes where sign language is not used: 80%

Goals of Isaiah’s Place

Mission: Enrich Deaf Education-Improve Communication-Cultivate Success

Provide ASL Childrens Retreats for deaf children and their families
Provide Educational and "Interest" Workshops for all ages using ASL as the primary language
Study Retreats Upon Request
Promote and Implement Deaf Connect throughout Texas and Beyond (Education)
Connect Deaf to other Deaf
Connect deaf to families
Connect parents for support
Connect everyone to Christ as desired

Deaf History Center

Learn from the Past … Profit by the Present … Live better in the Future

Deaf History Center (DHC) uses stories that connect the past and present to the future.

DHC provides historical biographies and photographs of those in the Deaf community whose stories have been documented recently.

DHC is currently collecting stories, photos, and items from the Deaf community including vlogs with captions, ASL, and written biographies. Share your struggles and successes.

DHC showcases people from the Deaf community who are interested in the arts. IP is looking for talented individuals who would share their skills with the deaf interested in the arts.

"Stories connect the past and present to the future. Our stories and our learning from them honors and respects our ancestors and us. They can awaken future generations to their potential." ~ Rachael Freed

We work continually with vlogs, stories, and videos to get all materials uploaded on Social Media.

Isaiah’s Place honors the Deaf Community with gardens. We are landscaping our grounds to honor the Deaf Community and those involved. Flowering plants, vines, bushes and trees are selected along with custom, ceramic tiles and Isaiah scripture, glass blocks. These families will have their stories of both struggles and success displayed in the DHC.

American Sign Language Opportunity

ASL Sign CLasses, Workshops and Retreats

Beginning, Intermediate, and Religious Signing (Dates and Times on Activity Page and Isaiah's Place FB)

Isaiah's Place will work with your leadership in creating and customizing ASL Retreats or One-Day Workshops that work for your group.

Child Protection Video

This video is for Leaders, Interns, and Sponsors that are volunteering/working overnight retreats with minors. The video will be followed by an exam, valid for 2 years.

IP Hosted Individuals
For Days
Represented Families
Non-Profit Groups


Meet members of our amazing board

Diane Frederickson

Executive Director

Aulby L. (Larry) Gillett


Dan Rodgers

Area Advisor

Vicki Thompson


Patricia Gillett

Deaf Community Representative

Josh Clem and Julia Clem

Vice President and Director of Finances

Cody Hand

Legal Advisor

Raymond Ballengee and Mistie Ballengee

Deaf Pastor and Director of Operations


Our programs, operations, and special projects are on going and we can always use monetary and material support from individuals, corporations and foundations. Isaiah’s Place is a 501(c)3 Corporation and all support is tax deductible. Please help us continue to make this unique facility with it's specialized programs a viable and much needed place for the deaf and hard of hearing of Texas and beyond. You can make a donation online by clicking the button below. Of course, you can mail your donation to Isaiah's Place, 231 HCR 1207, Whitney TX 76692


Please send all of your questions, suggestions, and requests to Diane Frederickson. You may call or text the numbers noted above.


Isaiah's Place is located near Lake Whitney and just north of the city of Whitney on FM 933. We are about 1/2 mile south of White Bluff Resort.

  • Address : 231 HCR 1207 Whitney, TX
  • Email : Diane Frederickson
  • Phone : (254) 694-7771
  • Cell : (254) 205-7880